Mike's Poem

Just a note on how we’re doing,

while new orders we’re always wooing.

Boasting that we’re never late

no matter how you have to wait.

For while some times you become dismayed,

we’re not late, just delayed.

And should the color or even style

not be right, it’s best to smile,

and sigh, a little and shake your head.

Offering our version and say instead

“it’s wonderful, it’s perfect can’t you see

how the error has consistency”.

Perhaps the size, it’s not what ordered,

that’s because we forgot the border.

And weaving crossed is such a pain,

so uncrossed now, it looks the same.

Monsoon weather creates no shine

the rug that does can’t be mine.

So we tried a new technique,

a secret we intend to keep.

While bales arrived are never blocked,

be thankful that’s all you got.

As for the cost it’s the very best,

granted else-where it will cost much less.

Terms are strict pay in advance

Woe is you to take the chance.

But consider this despite the mess

We’re quite unique you must confess

 “So abide with us” excuse the pun

in two years the rug might be done.

Send your work, we do our best,

from Noreen Seabrook, nothing less.