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Noreen Seabrook is unique because we are are interested in only working with a few excellent weavers and supplying only to the leading design resources in the United States.

Since 1995, Noreen Seabrook has been a pioneer in custom Tibetan weaving. We are committed to crafting high-grade Nepalese Tibetan carpets and rugs. Using no short-cuts and carefully focusing on each step of the process every carpet has along its journey from inception to final delivery.

Our Tibetan weaving comes from the looms of Nepal's premier weaving houses, who work exclusively with us alone. We've worked with the same weaving houses for over 20 years, this, combined with 40 years experience in Tibetan weaving has established us as a reputable resource in the industry. Our long relationships allows for clear communication with our weaving companies, which is essential to producing what you order. Our suppliers are people who we consider family.  We don't stay in hotels when we visit Kathmandu, we stay with our suppliers, with their families, in their homes. We run a family business and we offer the bond of family that few competitors can understand.

 We regularly visit Nepal (up to five times a year) and personally inspect all carpets at various stages of design and weaving.  The carpets receive careful and continual quality control throughout all stages of manufacturing, and do not leave Nepal without being inspected. Regularly scheduled visits to Kathmandu allow us to be constantly aware of events and developments in Nepal.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients with what they want. We specialize in custom weaving to allow the opportunity for special creations and designs. Our pieces can be ordered in any specified custom size. We can manage a choice of finishes ranging from a textured look to a satin finish- from carpets woven entirely with real silk to pieces woven with unsorted natural Tibetan wool.

So don't be afraid to bring your special needs to us. We can normally give you a quick response on cost and time and as you can see, weave carpets beyond our imagination, but not beyond yours.






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